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The best research to date shows that abnormal metabolic activity in the area of the brain
called the basal ganglia causes excessive electrical activity in the seventh facial nerve. The
reason for the abnormal brain activity is, as yet, unknown.

I had agreed with the importance of knowing what is causing the suffering. However, now that
I have been near symptom-free for the past 16 years, the cause is no longer of interest to
me. So many of those patients I have spoken with have had the same feeling. They said.”I do
not care what is causing it, I just want it to stop, and I do not care how.”

I told them I was not suggesting injections of botulinum toxin into their bodies, or ingesting
drugs, or it is ok in doing bio – feedback, acupuncture, hypnosis, relaxation techniques, or
chiropractic. I do suggest doing what I did. That is to use the same natural, nutritional health
food that I used. In my sixth week of the program my symptoms were gone and I also received
other health benefits. I offer my services to be your personal wellness coach and help you
have a healthier future.

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Causes of Blepharospasm
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